politic x fanfic

The Devil Wears Prada fanfic
by Politic X
Pairing: most stories are Andy / Miranda unless otherwise stated, and may contain sexually explicit content not suitable for minors. Most stories explore mature themes in one manner or another. ::::Disclaimer: The Devil Wears Prada is not owned by me; I'm not making money.:::: If you want to archive them, please ask first::::

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A Mean Sleep     Miranda comes across Andrea at a party three years after Paris and demands an explanation for her abrupt departure.
After a moment, Andrea nodded. "It's the right thing to do, isn't it?" she said quietly, as if to herself. She finally looked at Miranda, and her dark eyes seemed injured. "It's a very hard thing for me to say. Especially after all this time."

Disarming Athena     A lengthy story that takes place primarily in an elevator.
Her eyes ran over my face. "You're so focused on what you want that you can't see what's happening in front of you."

Old Vices, New Tricks     A snippet in the daily life of Miranda and Andy.
"I have a scarf that will be lovely with your dress," Miranda said, and reached for the Hermès bag she had dropped to the floor inside the doorway, alongside a few other parcels.

and then afterward     Andy tosses the phone in the fountain, but Miranda comes after her with a vengeance.
When she returned my gaze, she looked both indignant and victorious. "Everything you have is mine."

We Are Mirrors     Serena loves Emily. Based on the prompt: If you could see yourself in my eyes.
"I hate mirrors," Emily muttered.
"It is like I say," Serena said softly. "Yes? She has made you hate them. Let us play this game: I will be your mirror and you will be mine."

on being found...     Based on the prompt: "Soon We'll Be Found".
Making up with Miranda never felt like absolution.

The River Ouse     Miranda and Andy are on a train bound for nowhere.
"Are you going to take her in?"

In Exaltation     Miranda and Andrea spend Sunday at the office. A shift in power occurs.
"I'm not sure if it's risqué or holy."

in the deep     Miranda is looking for a frolic near the shore, but Andrea pulls her into deeper waters.
With her plump lips and tousled hair, her pale skin and dark eyes, her expression open as a palm, she's bewitching in the way that only a young woman can be: resilient but tender, willing to shatter for love.

The Narcotic Night     Andy rushes to a crime scene.
She fell under the detective's spell before she ever met her.